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Where and when will it be visible?

In this season of Christmas tidings, many of us were blessed to witness the eerie Red Moon of the total lunar eclipse a few nights ago on Dec. EST to the end — about three and one half hours later at around 5 a.

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Lunar Eclipse from The Plantation in Florida. Credit: Ernie Rossi During totality — when the moon was completely immersed in the umbral shadow for about 72 minutes — the red moon changed from a faint red glow to a brilliant crimson red. At times it appeared to be blood red and as though the surface was stirring and oozing droplets of warm and viscous blood. It was surreal and looked to me as though it had been magically and majestically painted up into the night sky.

Well all this redness hanging in the sky during totality caused me to ponder Mars — the Red Planet — especially with the avalanche of good news streaming back lately. Email kremerken at yahoo dot com or post as comments to add here. Looking up at the sky it was easy to imagine Opportunity newly arrived at the gorgeous Martian crater Santa Maria , hunting for minerals spotted from orbit that could influence the search for life, as Odyssey circles about at a record setting pace and transmits those tell tale clues back to scientists waiting on Earth. Lunar Eclipse from New Jersey Credit: Robert Vanderbei Despite the shadow the moon does not completely disappear.

The hue varies depending on a variety of atmospheric conditions and can be intensified by floating clouds of volcanic ash and dust. Just ahead of the monster blizzard which struck the northeast Corridor of the US on Dec Some pictures of the eclipse put together as a composite from beginning to totality by Russell King of Willingboro Astronomical Society, New Jersey. There is a theory the holographic universe derived from Hawking, where space is rolled up like in a scroll too. Yeah… and how about all those stars falling from Heaven, eh Muppet?

World history would be very different without the blood moon eclipse of 1504

It is mentioned is the Bible nine times! Matthew Sickness broke out among the soldiers and their commander Niclas decided that the Athenians should leave the island. Everything accordingly was prepared for embarkation, and the enemy paid no attention to these movements, because they did not expect them. But in the night there happened an eclipse of the Moon, at which Nicias and all the rest were struck with a great panic, either through ignorance or superstition.

The gods announce great calamity

As for an eclipse of the Sun, which happens at the Conjunction, even the common people had some idea of its being caused by the interposition of the Moon; but they could not easily form a conception, by the interposition of what body the Moon, when at the full, should suddenly lose her light, and assume such a variety of colours.

The calamity came to pass, as expected.

Night of the Red Moon

The 19th-century scholar and clergyman archdeacon Edward Churton tells a story of what may have been one of the first attempts to gain power with fake news. But the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Bradwardine—also known as Doctor Profundus—used astronomy to thwart the tricks of a witch. He was familiar with both solar and lunar eclipse predictions. With this, Bradwardine proved that the greatest witchcraft and most powerful magic is knowledge. Eventually, however, they grew annoyed and stopped wanting to give up their cassava and fish. Columbus had to do something. Three days before a lunar eclipse was to occur on the night of Feb.

Indeed, three days later, the moon disappeared and seemed to bleed. Terrified, the Arawaks came running to the Spanish ships laden with provisions and beseeching Columbus to intercede with his god on their behalf.

Nearly a year and a half after they landed on the island, the Spanish headed home. Soon after, the conquest of the Caribbean and the North and South American continents began in earnest.